Effortlessly to your individual packaging concept

Another advantage of digital printing: the extremely brilliant, printed image from the first to the last bottle in a batch. The latest generation of digital printing machines from 3R-Bottles allows for dot resolution of up to 1,800 dpi, maximum edge sharpness, legible printing of very small font sizes and the uniform representation of colour gradients even on large areas.

Incidentally, the decoration can cover the entire bottle and is not limited to just a small area of a paper label. This gives winemakers completely new opportunities to stand out from the competition on the shelf with a striking appearance. With wine, the producer almost always stands for the product with his name. He sells individual, naturally produced, and high-quality products. Of course, such aspects can be communicated well with a correspondingly attractive graphic design of the bottle.

Pleasure on the go

Incidentally, aluminium bottles not only offer the advantage of being unbreakable. Due to the higher thermal conductivity compared to glass and better cold storage, the contents can be cooled down to the desired drinking temperature faster - i.e. more energy-efficiently - and then maintain it longer. The screw cap also prevents the wine from corking if it is stored for a long time. In addition, the reliable sealability keeps the contents fresh from the first to the last sip.

These properties also make the packaging system interesting for people who travel a lot and prefer to enjoy wine as a drink instead of cola or beer. For this reason, 3R-Bottles uses bottle sizes of 250 or 375 millilitres. This can be easily stowed away in your day luggage and taken with you to enjoy in between.